Kosovo Threshold Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Kosovo Threshold Agreement, also known as the Kosovo Threshold Program, is a U.S. government-led initiative aimed at promoting economic and democratic development in Kosovo. The program was launched in 2018 and is implemented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Under the Kosovo Threshold Agreement, Kosovo is eligible to receive up to $49 million in grants over a five-year period. The funds are intended to support reforms in the areas of governance, rule of law, and economic growth. The program is part of the broader U.S. government assistance to Kosovo, which has been ongoing since the country`s independence in 2008.

The program`s main objectives are to strengthen the rule of law, fight corruption, and improve the investment climate in Kosovo. The program focuses on four key areas:

1. Strengthening the Judiciary: The program aims to improve the efficiency, independence, and accountability of the judiciary. This includes providing training to judges and prosecutors, supporting the establishment of specialized chambers for war crimes and organized crime, and promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

2. Combating Corruption: The program aims to strengthen Kosovo`s legal and institutional framework for combating corruption. This includes supporting the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Agency, providing training to civil society organizations and media on how to monitor and report on corruption, and promoting transparency and accountability in public procurement.

3. Improving the Investment Climate: The program aims to improve the business environment in Kosovo by simplifying regulations, reducing the cost and time needed to start a business, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes providing training to small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting the development of a national strategy for entrepreneurship, and promoting private sector investment in key sectors such as agriculture, energy, and tourism.

4. Strengthening Civil Society: The program aims to support the role of civil society organizations in promoting democratic governance and human rights in Kosovo. This includes providing training and capacity-building support to civil society organizations, promoting civic education and awareness-raising campaigns, and supporting the establishment of a national human rights institution.

The Kosovo Threshold Agreement is an important tool for promoting economic and democratic development in Kosovo. It provides critical support to help Kosovo address some of the key challenges facing the country, such as corruption, weak governance, and a challenging investment climate. By strengthening the rule of law, promoting transparency and accountability, and supporting civil society, the program can help Kosovo achieve lasting progress towards a more democratic and prosperous future.

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